Sun Damage

What does sun damage look like?

Sun-damaged skin is caused by a process known as "photoaging" and may appear exceedingly dryer and rougher in texture. On top of this, the long-term process stimulates an increase in the production of melanin, a skin pigment, which can result in a mottled or irregular discoloration of the skin over the face and body. Actinic Keratosis may also develop in the form of skin that appears as a bump or patch of dry skin from cumulative, long-term exposure to the sun. As collagen production lessens as a result of continuous sun exposure, the skin will begin to look thinner and wrinkled, will bruise more easily, and take longer to heal.

What causes it?

The primary culprit is solar heat and overexposure to the sun’s rays – a process that takes years for the damage to manifest and accelerate. People with lighter skin color are especially prone to skin damage, although people with darker complexions are also at risk. Since most people enjoy spending time outdoors and will be exposed to some degree of ultra-violet damage, protection is crucial. At View Laser, we hope to educate patients of ways to best protect skin from the sun and also correct damage that has already occurred.

What are potential solutions?

Dr. Ray will thoroughly assess your skin to first and foremost diagnose any potential skin cancers or risks to your health that are visible; he will develop a plan of action if anything is detected. Once diagnosed, you may be a perfect candidate for any one of or a combination of our advanced therapies for treatment of sun damage such as Co2 Laser Resurfacing, IPL Photo-Rejuvenation, Levulan/Blu-U and home care regimens.

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