Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

With so many options currently available, it's hard to know where to look to reduce unwanted hair. At View Laser, we promise to deliver the best technology available along with customized care to give you the best results possible.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Men and women of all skin tones can be treated with our state-of-the-art Palomar Icon system, however the hair we are targeting must have pigment in it (not suitable for blonde, red, white or grey hair).

How does it work?

The hand piece emits a light at a specific wavelength that is targeted at melanin in the hair and/or at the follicle growth center. Melanin is the material that gives color to our hair and skin. The light passes through the skin and is absorbed enough by the melanin in the hair follicle to damage it, but leave the skin around it unharmed.

What does the procedure involve?

The treatment is quite comfortable, as the Palomar Icon system has a patented sapphire chilled tip that cools and comforts the skin at all times during the treatment. A mild snapping sensation is felt on areas like the arms, legs and back, with a slightly stronger sensation typically felt on more sensitive areas like the upper lip, bikini, underarm and chest. The advanced technology, along with an experienced technician, allows for extremely efficient sessions that last between 5 and 45 minutes depending on the size of the area; this is 2-3 times faster than most other systems. Once the session is over, there is generally no discomfort or noticeable reaction on the skin.

Afterwards, hair will look as if it is growing normally and then will gradually fall out over a 2-5 week period. Often the hair looks to be about 50% reduced after just one session; shaving becomes much more manageable. Hair will steadily getting finer, more sparse and grow more slowly with the continuation of your treatment series.

The average patient starts with 6 treatments and will see significant results, however more treatments may be required for more reduction or maintenance, especially when treating areas on the face due to hormones. It is very important to maintain your treatment schedule every 4-6 weeks, depending on the area, as the hair is on a specific growth cycle and to wear SPF 30 or higher when exposing the treated area to the sun.

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View Laser embodies professionalism and compassion. After my treatments, I always feel confident and rejuvenated.

– Jennifer, Delta B.C.

The treatments help me to look as good as I feel and still like myself.

– J.M, Surrey B.C.

When I walk into the office, everyone is so welcoming and helpful…it makes me want to keep coming back

– Mary, Washington State

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