IPL - Photo-Rejuvenation

At View Laser, we believe in healthy, radiant skin. Photo Rejuvenation is a popular procedure that uses Intense Pulsed Light to dramatically correct discoloration on the skin.

Am I a suitable candidate for photo-rejuvenation?

This treatment is ideally suited for those looking to improve sun damaged skin and is a particularly excellent treatment for those with excessive facial redness or rosacea.

Benefits include:
  • Vastly improves the look of rosacea-prone skin
  • Minimizes flushing/broken capillaries
  • Minimizes brown spots/age spots/freckles
  • Reduces marks left behind from acne (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Improves overall brightness and skin tone
  • Excellent for face, neck, décolleté, hands and most other areas of the body with discoloration

Dr. Ray will assess if photo-rejuvenation is the best possible treatment for you as not all skin types are recommended to have this procedure, also certain patients require an alternative solution for their sun damage if it is more severe, which we have readily available at View Laser if needed.

How does it work?

A broad spectrum of light is emitted into the skin through a hand piece and converts into heat energy once reaching its target without injuring the skin’s surface. As the skin is renewing after the procedure, a process that takes 1-3 weeks, pigmented areas slowly come to the skin’s surface and shed, whereas vascular lesions are dissipated into the lymphatic system for excretion. A bonus side-effect of this treatment is the heat produced by the hand piece triggers an inflammatory response in the tissues that stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in the skin not only appearing more even in tone, but also firmer and smoother in texture to some degree.

What does the procedure involve?

The Palomar Icon’s IPL hand piece was designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Its sapphire chilled tip is kept in direct contact with the skin during your session, so that only a mild snapping sensation is felt. Visible results can be seen after only one session, however for deeper correction and lasting benefits, 2-4 sessions are typically recommended. This procedure has virtually no downtime for patients needing mild correction and typically 1-5 days for those with more visible damage; during this time, patients are required to avoid activity that will increase the temperature of the skin such as using a steam room, performing vigorous exercise, exposing the area to the sun unprotected, etc.

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View Laser embodies professionalism and compassion. After my treatments, I always feel confident and rejuvenated.

– Jennifer, Delta B.C.

The treatments help me to look as good as I feel and still like myself.

– J.M, Surrey B.C.

When I walk into the office, everyone is so welcoming and helpful…it makes me want to keep coming back

– Mary, Washington State

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