Fractional Ablative Resurfacing

At View Laser, we have two amazing options for safely resurfacing the skin that meets the individual needs of the patient.

This type of treatment is a specialty of Dr. Ray's and one of his favourites to perform on patients as it can significantly increase confidence levels for patient's needing deeper correction to the skin.

Am I a suitable candidate?

This treatment is able to deliver incredible results for more prominent skin concerns such as:

How do each of the technologies work?

Cynosure Smartxide Co2 Laser - this method has been used for many years to treat different skin issues, yet has evolved and improved drastically in recent years. This device delivers incredibly advanced technology, as it allows Dr. Ray to customize the procedure so precisely depending on the patient’s skin type, the area being treated and the condition. Continuous light beams that are delivered in a scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin promoting an incredible healing and regeneration response in the skin.

Venus Viva Nano-Fractionated Radio-Freqency - this method sends multiple fractional radiofrequency (RF) currents into the skin using patented scanner technology; this introduces bulk heating within the tissue which causes new, healthy tissue formation and correction within the skin. This scanner allows for more uniform, safe and comfortable treatments than the traditional RF fractional devices of the past. The energy settings are customized per patient and allow the physician or technician to design a treatment plan based on specific skin conditions and concerns.

What does the procedure involve?

Cynosure Smartxide Co2 Laser - Typically only one treatment is required to achieve the desired results and the skin is then maintained with proper home care, however individual treatments will vary based on the condition on the skin and the patient’s desired outcome. The treatment is quite comfortable due to Dr. Ray’s experience and precision, as well as the topical anesthetic applied prior to the procedure. In order to achieve drastic improvement to the skin, the nature of this procedure does cause the skin to be inflamed and irritated afterwards as part of the healing process for approximately 3-10 days. You are given advanced medical-grade products to ease healing and promote even better results, as well as attentive follow-up care during the skin’s transformation.

Venus Viva Nano-Fractionated Radio-Freqency - The process is very similar to that of the Co2 Laser, in which topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment, however three sessions are recommended as the energy is delivered less aggressivly and therefore allows for a much shorter recovery time; typically 24-48 hours of experiencing a mild to moderate sunburn effect.

After both options, once the skin has healed, you will already begin to see visible improvement to the skin's tone, texture and quality, with dramatic improvement taking place between 6 weeks and 6 months.

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View Laser embodies professionalism and compassion. After my treatments, I always feel confident and rejuvenated.

– Jennifer, Delta B.C.

The treatments help me to look as good as I feel and still like myself.

– J.M, Surrey B.C.

When I walk into the office, everyone is so welcoming and helpful…it makes me want to keep coming back

– Mary, Washington State

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