Rosacea and Redness

To Whom It May Concern regarding View Laser Clinic and Drs. Martin Ray and Judith Fletcher;

My name is Garry, and when I was a teenager about the 9th grade, I developed acne. Not just a pimple but the whole enchilada.

This curse is one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It was bad enough being a teenager let alone the acne.

I went to every dermatologist and through the course of my life I have used every cream, and treatment known to science. I have even volunteered as a research guinea pig at a rosacea clinical product evaluation test at UBC. I have tried every cure, including X-rays, snap brand grit soap, azelic acid, and metro gel. You name it. Nothing worked.

Now I am a senior, no more acne! What I got blessed with was rosacea the mother of acne. If acne was a problem, rosacea was worse as it hurts and the infection is located deep in the deepest layer of skin so it doesn’t go away quickly or quietly. If you touch or squeeze it, it will just get redder. Rosacea in my case affected my nose and cheeks. I got to do W.C. Fields impressions. I always looked like I was either drunk or getting over being drunk. It’s not a nice feeling to be asked this question however tactfully.

During a visit to Doctor Ray I noticed a picture on the wall of the treatment room talking about "Light" and lasers for rosacea treatment. I went home and looked up everything I could find on high intensity light. I asked about the treatment and Doctor Ray explained the process completely and clearly.

I booked a series treatments. The results are amazing! I have nice soft skin and the rosacea has disappeared from my cheeks and nose. The thickened skin of my nose has been replaced with soft normal skin; something I haven’t seen in years. I still get outbreaks but they seem to be more manageable.

The light treatment feels like the snap of an elastic band on your skin, certainly not what I would consider painful, about a 6 on a scale of 10.

If you are cursed with this condition, or if you have your own skin demons get a consult and consider the treatment. I don’t write referrals often, but this is one time I will make an exception.

~Garry R. Dake

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View Laser embodies professionalism and compassion. After my treatments, I always feel confident and rejuvenated.

– Jennifer, Delta B.C.

The treatments help me to look as good as I feel and still like myself.

– J.M, Surrey B.C.

When I walk into the office, everyone is so welcoming and helpful…it makes me want to keep coming back

– Mary, Washington State

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